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By now you must have made your Storage checklist, what to store and where to store!

But are you done yet?

We would say YES, you are just a few steps away from being move ready.

Orange Self Storage assures that you need not make another run for more moving supplies. We have one stop Shop for the best packing supplies. You need to just call us and place your request and we will make sure to deliver those in no time. So, there is no running pillar to post when an end to end self-storage solution is right at your doorsteps.


We have a wide range of storage boxes to choose from. List down the items that you need to store and choose the right size of boxes to pack them all. Choose from the range below

  • Small Box (can hold up to 1.5 kgs.)
  • Med. Box (can hold up to 3.1 kgs.)
  • Large Box (can hold up to 4.5 kgs.)
  • X-Large. Box (can hold up to 6.1 kgs.)


Before placing delicate and fragile items to the boxes, you need to wrap them well with bubble wraps. Our range of wraps helps you pack all fragile items and breakables such as dishes, glasses, ornaments etc. Choose from the range below

  • Retail Bubble Roll
  • Packing Peanuts


Good quality covers can help protect your goods from damage. If you are storing upholstered products such as mattresses and sofas in a self-storage facility it might be a good idea to secure them with covers, bags or sheeting to give them some additional protection This type of cover protects against general wear and tear, rain and dust. The cover can also be used as a tarp to place at the bottom of your storage unit. Choose from the range below

  • Twin Mattress Bag
  • Full Mattress Bag
  • Queen Mattress Bag
  • King Mattress Bag
  • Sofa and Chair Cover
  • Dust Cover


The braided rope comes to your rescue while you moving your goods using local transportation or to stack all boxes together inside the self-storage unit. Perfect for knotting and tying, these 100-inch heavy-duty rope can secure widest and tallest of items effectively.

  • Poly Rope


Storing things becomes easy when you bundle them up and arrange it sequentially. Our stretch wrap will help buddle things up that you wish to store. It is ideal for bundling items such as bed frames, electronics.


While packing it is important that we label each box and seal them well. We have a wide range of Tapes in attractive colours to help pack your goods in a much-sorted way. Our Manager can help you estimate the tape quantity that you may need while packing. Choose from the range below

  • Tape Gun
  • Clear Poly Tape
  • Tape Gun w/ 2 tape rolls
  • Black Labelling Markers


For all those small and petite things, we have these all-Purpose Bags. These bags are highly strong and durable. Choose from the range below

  • Regular (Pack of 5 Bags)
  • Large (Pack of 4 Bags)
  • Giant (Pack of 3 Bags)
  • Jumbo (Pack of 2 Bags)


Keep your peace of mind with a disk lock. This top of the line security prevents vandalism and lasts through every season. This adds a layer of security to your self-storage unit.

  • Stainless Steel Disc Padlock – 2 1/4 & quot;

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