Safe Deposit Lockers

What is a Locker?

Do usual bank lockers offer ultimate safety for your gold jewellery, silver ornaments, important financial papers such as your house title deed, will etc.?

Well, it’s not 100% secure way to store your valuables. Though it is an old concept, still they come with their own limitations.


Bank's Limitations

Not all bank branches have lockers

It is a first-come-first-served service that has always been in high demand.

Restricted operational hours

Standard size locker units

Therefore, banks have their own ways of prioritizing applications. Most of the time the number of applicants outnumbers the capacity, making it difficult to rent one when in need.

Make Your Choice Today With Us

Orange lockers are a great alternative to bank lockers. Like most banks, we offer safe lockers in Bangalore. Our lockers are easy to operate and comes in multiple sizes to suit your storing needs. These lockers are rented on an individual and joint account basis. Orange lockers are safe, sturdy and are operated in a highly secured environment. One can use them to store trinkets, jewellery, documents, crystal or anything else that needs secure storage.

Our safe lockers are constructed as per specifications prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India and at par with the security features found in any bank. 

At Orange we make Locker renting easy and effortless. Now rent and store like never before.

Orange Advantage

24/7 Security

CCTV Monitoring

Back End Support

Varied Unit Sizes

Pest & Fire Control

Bar Code Tracking

Biometric Security Access

Flexible Visiting Hours

Convenient Location

Experienced Task Force

Ease Of Booking

Packing Supplies

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