Tips to Store Refrigerator in a Self-Storage Unit

Even though you had stored your refrigerator standing up and moved it with utmost care in a standing up position, it is not the same again. It never cooled again.

Well, this can happen with your fridge as well, if not stored properly. If you are going to store your refrigerator in a self-storage unit or anywhere else, here are a few tips.

Clean the Refrigerator Thoroughly
After you have emptied the fridge, make sure to clean every nook and corner of the refrigerator for preventing it from infestations. Bugs can show up even there is no food and their wastes are acid enough to eat through plastic. Using a bug spray or any similar harmful chemical is not advisable as eventually, it is going to be used for storing food.

Prop the Refrigerator Doors Open
Before moving the fridge to the storage unit, leave its door open for a day or two. This helps in getting the moisture out of it. No matter how much you wipe it with a dry towel, it won’t assist in drying what’s behind the panel. To soak up the additional moisture, add some paper towels and newspapers.
Also, during its storage period, keep the door open with the help of a ball of tapes or a thick magnet. This allows the moisture to escape.

Add Dryer Sheets or Coffee Beans
This helps in to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh. Remember, the cheaper the dryer sheet, the stronger it will smell. So, do not hesitate to save your cost there. If you want a more natural smell, keep an open tin of coffee beans.

Keep it in a Standing Position
Storing the refrigerator on its side, face down or upside down can displace the oils and gases, which are essential for the machine to run.

Look for an Indoor Storage
In case you think that it is ok to store your fridge outdoor or semi-outdoor, don’t. Sun damages the handles and seal. The foam insulation between the outer skin and box will also expand due to heat, which may cause the door to close. The outdoor temperature may even crack the plastic on the inside. And if the weather is cold, moisture from rain, snow or morning dew may cause the parts of the fridge to rot.
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Well, now that you know the right way of storing your fridge, go ahead and start packing. Contact Orange Self Storage to rent a safe and secured Self Storage Unit.